Rejoice! Your Next Android Phone Won’t Come With Obnoxious Google+

Ever wondered why you had so many applications preinstalled on your brand new Android smartphones? Well, the real reason is that firstly the smartphone vendor has deals in place and wants to push those apps and the second reason is that Google requires it to preload a set of its own apps if it wants access to the Google Play store.

While a lot of the junk or bloatware that you get in the form of apps is the smartphone manufacturer’s fault, when you talk about useless or unneeded Google apps, then it is really not up to the manufacturer.

If you’ve cursed Samsung for preloading things like Google+ on the phone, well fret not, because that’s set to change.

Android works in a weird way. Google says that it is open source and can be had for free, but that’s not entirely true. You can get the Android ASOP for free, but that doesn’t give you access to Google Play services, or killer apps like Gmail, Google Search and well, the Play Store of all the things.

People who don’t want any of the Google apps on Android have to come up with their own solutions. Good examples of this are Amazon’s Fire phone and the Nokia X. Both these products were unsuccessful.

However, as a phone maker if you want all these apps, you need to sign a deal with Google, which requires you to have a minimum suite of apps, which aren’t only not open sources, but some like Google+ are useless.

Google has now made amends to this agreement that it has with smartphone manufacturers. So, this means that apps like Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google+ and Google Newsstand don’t need to be preinstalled.

For Google, having this agreement made total sense, but it wasn’t really user friendly and not fair on the smartphone vendor. Thankfully, now there will be one less app to worry about.


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