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RIP PlayStation 3: Productions Stopped In Japan

If you were a 90s kid, there is no best gift for Christmas than getting a Play Station 3 (PS3). It was a dream for every 90s kid to own one. The home video game console was developed by Sony Entertainment. After more than a decade the company has decided to completely cut down the production of the device.

Production of PS3 was discontinued in countries like New Zealand, Europe, Australia and North America years ago. And Japan was the only country that was still under production of the device.

But now, Sony has decided to pull down the plugs in Japan too. Sony on its official Japanese PS3 production page posted that shipments are scheduled to conclude soon. Japan was only under the production of a single version, the charcoal black 500 GB version introduced in 2014. Additional confirmations were when a gaming shop in Kurume Fukuoka posted a tweet saying that they received a notification from Sony, saying that product production will end this month.

Since the launch time, more than 80 million PS3 consoles have been sold. Once the existing Play Station 3 from markets run out of stock, PS3 will be long gone and will become a part of Sonys history. But what could interest us is that the company may release the next generation PS4 in the second half of 2018.

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