SBI Internet Banking, YONO App Stop Working Since Morning

The State Bank of India’s online transaction portals has been down since the morning of July 22. SBI customers haven’t been able to use the online portals to carry out transactions. The services affected so far have been found to be SBI’s online net banking portal as well as the YONO app for smartphones. The bank hasn’t reached out to the media or consumers regarding the disruption in these services.

SBI’s online banking portal has been down since the morning of July 22. Many SBI customers took to Twitter to notify SBI about the same. Customers aren’t able to carry out online transactions via the online banking portal. Later, it was found that the blackout has also affected the SBI YONO app, which also facilitates online banking and other online services.

Users of the YONO app are being denied access to the accounts and the app extends the waiting period if the user tries to keep logging in the services. As for the online net banking service, the web page isn’t loading.

SBI has a very large customer base and many people rely on its Internet-based banking services. Many customers have taken to Twitter to complain of the blackout and how it’s causing a lot of problems for them.

One SBI user by the name of Vinod Chauhan wrote, “why SBI online system is not working. This is down from last 7-8 hours. Is there anyone working to fix this issue (national bank system) and when this will be resolved?” Another user called Gaurav wrote, “SBI collect website is not opening since the morning causing serious problem to us. Please take some action to the earliest.”

So far, SBI hasn’t released an official statement regarding the massive blackout of its services. Until the issue is sorted, it is advised that SBI customers should refrain from making online payments during this period.

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