Shocking! Narendra Modi Android App Wants To Access Your Twitter Direct Messages

Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday launched the official PMO app on Android named after him. While the app’s main focus is to improve communication between the PM and the people of the country, it has something hidden in the app that not everyone will appreciate.

The Narendra Modi needs a user to sign up before using the app, and you can choose to login using Facebook, Google+, Twitter credentials. A Reddit India user however found that if you choose to login using your Twitter account, you end up giving up a lot of your private details.

In addition to the usual permissions to read tweets on your time, see whom you follow, and update your profile, the app also wants to post tweets for you, and shockingly also wants to ‘access your direct messages.’ We tried logging on to the app using our Twitter account, and there it was asking permission to accessing our DMs.

There is no reason why an app that basically wants you to send you updated news, and occasionally send emails or messages from the PM would want to see our personal messages. Before you start thinking on the lines of why the country’s PM would want to spy on you, it could just be a case of lazy app developers copy-pasting permissions from someplace.


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