Snapchat Introduces Mobile Data Saving Travel Mode

Snapchat has been a popular live photo and video sharing app among young adults as well as many companies and celebrities. The company is now pushing out a big update to it app for both Andoid and iOS users, as reported by TechCrunch.

The main feature introduced with the new update is the ‘Travel Mode’. The new mode will help save up your precious mobile data by only loading the snaps and stories content after taping on it, rather than the current automatic loading on opening the app.

The ‘Travel Mode’ can be activated by tapping the Snapchat icon at the top of the camera. Go to Settings < Manage Additional Services. There you’ll see Travel Mode option and just toggle it on to activate.

Snapchat has also introduced other new features for iOS and Android besides Travel Mode. You can now add multiple emojis to a snap with individual placement and size of each of them available. An old feature, the eye button to navigate from your Story to who watched is making a comeback with this new update. The GIF’s can now be downloaded and exported as a video rather than the previous ability to just a single shot of the first frame.

The data saving option is being offered by many apps and websites these days to make their service more compelling to people looking to save money on expensive data plans and in the developing nations. Facebook did the same with their lite version of the app.

Snapchat recently crossed the 100 million daily users mark and the company is poised to make it reach even larger in the future.


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