Soon Google May Launch Censored Search Engine For China

Google (now Alphabet) was found in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, from the very beginning it has been a break-through in technology. Until today 67.5 percent of the population of the world prefer Google over other search engines.

After 8 long years of Google giving up over China, it has finally decided to get back in business with the country again. The main reason for Google giving up over China back in 2010 was because of an attack within the country on Googles Gmail attempting to steal Data on Human Rights Activists. The attack was outlined as highly sophisticated and targeted in Googles official Blog. And that’s when Google decided to plug down all its operations in the Chinese internet market.

Even after all this long history, Google has been actively searching for ways to get back in Business with China. The stepping stone for this was Project named Dragonfly. According to The Intercept, Google has been secretly planning to launch Censored Search Engine in China. A team of Googles programmers and engineers have developed two different versions of the Android app namely Maotai and Longfei. These applications will filter certain websites and search terms that are blocked by GFW(Great Firewall of China). Google believed that these apps can provide better search results while comparing to the existing Chinese internet market competitor Baidu.

The apps have been already demonstrated to the Chinese Government and are on pending for their approval. Once they are given an official approval finalized versions of the applications will be released within a time period of six to nine months.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai in 2016 said he would like to come back to China and every corner of the world. Artificial-Intelligence center and File Management tool, are other efforts taken by the company to reach Chinese customers.


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