The Xiaomi Mi Band Has A Major Flaw No One Is Talking About – It Doesn’t Track Your Sleep During The Day!

The super affordable, no nonsense Mi Band from Xiaomi is so popular that it alone propelled Xiaomi to become the world’s second largest wearable brand. Even I loved the Rs 999 activity tracker and recommended it as a must buy. But the Mi Band has a critical flaw, which no one has talked about. Till now.

One of the USPs of the Mi Band is it tracks sleep automatically. It is one of those rare wearables, which you don’t have to put into sleep mode manually. You go to sleep and it keeps track of the hours you slept and how long your deep sleep lasted. I have used many activity trackers and often forgot to put them into sleep mode or wake them up, resulting in lost data.

But in an ironic twist of sorts, the Mi Band doesn’t track your sleep if you happen to take a nap during the day! That’s right, it is almost as if that part of the day was wiped off the records. Worse, if you happen to be working in night shifts, the Mi Band won’t track sleep for you at all.

SMP blogs India reached out to Xiaomi, which acknowledged the issue.

“The Mi Band was designed to take the work out of activity tracking. It’s the reason why the battery life lasts more than 30 days. We took the same approach to sleep tracking,” Xiaomi’s Jai Mani told SMP blogs.

Mani explained that there are two types of sleep trackers — active and passive. The active trackers have a button that users need to press to put them into sleep mode. However, the Mi Band is of the passive variety where the software automatically puts the band into sleep mode so it can track sleep without any input from the user, which is also a USP of the Mi Band.

“It does not enter sleep mode during the day in order to prevent sleep sessions while you are just inactive. We believe this approach results in a better experience than active sleep trackers — it tracks the vast majority of sleep sessions without any effort on your part,” he explained.

In my experience, when the Mi Band does track sleep, it does a fabulous job of it. And personally, I would prefer the automatic sleep tracking rather than putting it to sleep mode manually, where chances are I would forget and miss out on collecting that data. The Mi Band’s 30-day plus battery life is another killer feature that no other activity tracker provides and something I truly love. However, it is a big flaw if it doesn’t track all of your sleep.


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