Tough Luck Mango Lassi, Google’s Latest Android Is Marshmallow

Google on Monday evening decided to gave the latest version of Android a proper name. And as it has been done in the past, the new Android too gets a sweet, literally sweet, name. The Android M has been formally given the name of Android Marshmallow.

The name became officially several hours after Google had teased several candidates – including Mango Lassi — that were in the running to join Android’s hall of fame. It was first announced by Google employee Brandon Jones on Twitter. Jones clicked the photo of the Android Marshmallow statue on the lawns of Google office and shared it on social media.


At Google it is a sort of tradition to put the statue for the new version of Android on the office lawn.

A few minutes later, the name also cropped up in the latest Android SDK that has been given Android 6 moniker.

Later a Google executive wrote on a company blog, “Whether you like them straight out of the bag, roasted to a golden brown exterior with a molten center, or in fluff form, who doesn’t like marshmallows? We definitely like them! Today with the final Developer Preview update (of Android M), we’re introducing the official Android 6.0 SDK and opening Google Play for publishing your apps that target the new API level 23 in Android Marshmallow.”

Currently, Android Marshmallow is available to developers in its beta form. The final version of the operating system will be launched later in the year, possible in couple of months when Google starts selling new Nexus devices.

Unlike the Android Lollipop, which was major revamp in terms of design, the Android Marshmallow is more of an incremental update. Google’s focus with this new version of Android seems to on fixing bugs and improving the core functionality. Hence, the company’s hasn’t really added too many new features in the operating system. However, support for newer technologies like the USB C and the fingerprint scanner has been added.


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