Uber Brand New Taxi-hailing App Introduced In Japan

Ubers Brand New Taxi-hailing App Introduced In Japan

Uber, the US-based taxi-hailing company has been trying to conquer the world by providing it ride-hailing service. As a step for that, the company tried entering Japan but couldn’t a success until they meet Fuji Taxi Group. This agreement between Uber and Fuji Taxi Group was unveiled yesterday.

Usually Uber sees other taxi services as its competitors but in Japan it was different. According to the laws of Japan, it clearly stated that only a professional driver can engage in the service of ridesharing. Fuji Taxi Group has been providing service for more than 60 years in the Nagoya area which is located near the heart of Japans automaking.

Ahead of the announcement Head of Uber Asia, Brooks Entwistle said in an interview that Once people see certain companies come on the platform and see us get jurisdictions, excitement builds, people want to join that and word gets out,.

This announcement was made by Uber by following the announcement made regarding a similar taxi-hailing app that was published last year for Awaji, an island with a population of 150,000.

Last month the Toyota Motor Corp which is headquartered near Nagoya announced that they are willing to an investment of $500 million in Uber to jointly work on the development of self-driven cards.

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