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Upcoming WhatsApp New Features Swipe To Reply And Dark Mode

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned platform has been improving its features often to give its user better experience. WhatsApp, undoubtedly the most popular messaging app which does not have too much of competitors as it stands out right uniquely for its features.

The Facebook-owned platform has planned of releasing two long-anticipated features into the messaging app. According to WeBetaInfo, the messaging apps developer teams are working on a feature that will simply allow users to Swipe to reply and Dark Mode feature which will be soon arriving on WhatsApp beta version. WeBetaInfo is usually right when they do any post related to WhatsApp updates.

Swipe to Reply

Swipe to reply feature is currently available on all iOS devices and soon will be available for Android devices too. This feature will completely eliminate long pressing the text or image and then clicking on reply option. Replying to a specific message with this feature will be made really easy. To reply to a message, simply swipe the message to the right and do you can reply to the message as text or image.

Dark Mode

This is another long-anticipated feature on the instant messaging app. This will simply turn the theme of the entire app into the black. After a popular platform such as Twitter and YouTube, which has already introduced their dark mode versions, now its turn for the Facebook-owned platform to jump into the dark mode. As a contradiction to the already existing WhatsApp colour which is green and white results on stress on users eyes. But this dark mode will be both easy on the eye as well as on the Smartphones battery.

No official announcements have been made by the platform regarding when these updates will be released but let’s just say that its worth the wait.

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