Viber Acquires Nextpeer To Introduce In-App Social Gaming

Popular IM and VoIP application, Viber will be completing its first acquisition. The company is willing to shed $9 million to use the services of the social gaming start-up, Nextpeer. According to a report from Tech Crunch, the start-up is based in Israel and provides developers with SDKs that can enable social gaming features within the application.

The company will keep building SDKs for developers and will also work with Viber’s team to introduce social gaming within the application. The start-up consisted of a 12 member team who have been incorporated in Viber’s team.

“We are delighted to welcome the Nextpeer team to the Viber family,” said Michael Shmilov, COO, Viber, in a statement. “In this deal, we looked for a team that shares our passion, drives innovative thinking and brings its expertise in building an open platform for developers.”

“Nextpeer’s vision is to bring social experiences to mobile players,” said Shai Magzimof, Co-Founder and CEO, Nextpeer. “We are teaming up with Viber to help connect players on mobile and deliver a powerful social platform for developers. We are all very excited to join the Viber team.”

Nextpeer’s SDK is being used by 8,000 registered applications. Popular number puzzle game ‘2048’ also uses the SDK from the start-up. According to the COO of Viber, Nextpeer will be able to tap into the IM application’s huge user base that consists of 600 million registered ids. He further stated, “The two companies also have a similar passion, with the goal of connecting players on mobile to deliver a powerful social platform for developers.”

Viber will not only use the services of Nextpeer in its application and earn via in- app purchases but also by selling the services of the start-up to developers.


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