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Video Shows Nexus 6P Aluminum Body Breaks Like A Biscuit

Google Nexus 6P’s structural ‘integrity’ is at stake yet again. As it turns out, the Huawei made Nexus 6P does in fact have a few design flaws, three to be precise that make it a little more brittle than other phones.

After having already split his first Nexus 6P, Zachary Nelson of JerryRigEverything decided to take a second unit for a fresh round of durability test after some people questioned his earlier methods. And, he managed to split the phone yet again, at the same position. The only other phone that did not pass his test was the HTC One M9. As it turns out, the One M9 and the Nexus 6P are currently the easiest phones to break, if you don’t play nice.

Nelson points out three structural weaknesses that make the Nexus 6P slightly more prone to bendgate than other phones like the LG G4, iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 5, OnePlus 2 and the Galaxy S6. To begin with, “the aluminium frame is not actually screwed in, or attached to the back housing of the 6P, rather they are completely free floating separate entities. The only thing holding the aluminium midframe to the rear of the phone is a super thin piece of glass on top of the device and a few plastic dove tail joints inside,” Nelson explains.

Joining Aluminium with a woodworking joint seems like a work done by an amateur, he adds.

The second design flaw of the Nexus 6P is related to the thinness of the side walls, while third one related to how the internal components are arranged inside the phone. The battery is placed in the bottom half of the device and the motherboard on the top. These are connected by an aluminium panel in the middle.

So basically, if you try to meddle with the phone in a particular position (which is near the power button), and apply a certain amount of pressure, the Nexus 6P will break into two, no doubts about that.

Nelson suggests you play nice and the phone won’t snap in half. Basically he means that the Nexus 6P won’t bend or break unless you really want to.

Last time, when he snapped the phone into half many people questioned his methods, as he had applied heat to it before doing the test. Just so he could make his point clearer, he used a fresh unit and did not use any modifications at all.


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