WhatsApp For iOS Update Brings New ‘Storage Usage’ Feature

WhatsApp for iOS has received a new update that unleashes a few interesting features. Mostly the 2.12.3 update focuses on bug fixes, but new features like an additional archive option next to individual chats, and a unique ‘Storage Usage’ feature have also been introduced.

With this update, iOS users will now be able to archive chats with just one swipe. The swipe right gesture used to first bring out the more and the delete options, now also gives you an additional archive button.

There’s also an additional option in the ‘Accounts’ tab called ‘Storage Usage’. This feature gives you a lowdown of the amount of space your chats is using on your device. It gives you the total amount of space, and additionally also lets you know which groups or individual chats are eating up more space than the other.

It even breaks it down to which type of files (text, image, video etc) use how much space. This is an extremely handy feature to weed out unnecessary chats eating up space on your phone. The feature has not been rolled out to Android users yet.

Apart from these two changes, the company says that it also fixed some bugs. The last few updates have brought in the major WhatsApp Call feature, and other features like slow-motion video sharing, location sharing and chat archiving among other upgrades.

WhatsApp last announced it had 800 million monthly active users globally, with its database in India touching nearly 70 million monthly active users.

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