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WhatsApp Limitation On Forward Messages in India

WhatsApp with its biggest market with 200 million users in India has now announced that a forward message on their app can only be sent to live chats. Last month it was announced on implementing limitations on forwarding messages on WhatsApp in India. On 8th August of this year, this was confirmed. WhatsApp in India from now on will only allow users to send a forward message to 5 chats only. But globally forward messages can be sent to 20 chats.

In addition, WhatsApp has also decided to release a video on Facebook saying about the importance of forwarding label and how to cross check facts before making an issue out of it.

Why WhatsApp did this to India despite being their biggest market?

This decision was taken by WhatsApp under immense pressure from the Government of India to take an effective decision on rumors that spread on a wide range in India in the forms of images, videos, and text. This has eventually led to lynching and mob violence in the country.

There were days when WhatsApp was just used for time pass, chit-chatting with a friend, roasting best friends on a group. But time has changed now. Today’s generation uses it for a variety of purposes. Under which falls their intention to help people on a global level by spreading awareness/news, charity, donations and so much more. Forward option on WhatsApp makes it so much easier for them to send a single message to hundreds of other WhatsApp users.

Even though their intention is pure, they fail to make sure if the so-called news they spread are fact-based or simply hoax. At least 31 people have been killed over the last one year over WhatsApp rumors. The latest victim for this was 32-year-old software engineer Mohammed Azam killed over being suspected of child-lifter.

Even though WhatsApp does all possible changes in its app to avoid such incidents from happening, its always in hands of the users on what to be made out of it.

There are even news reports claiming that Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is looking for ways to block social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and Instagram when they appear to be a threat to national security and public orders.

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