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WhatsApp May Soon Allow You To Quickly Switch From Voice To Video Calls

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned platform is popular on a global scale for its fascination features. The app has been introducing several new features such as delete for everyone, improved status feature, two-step verification, live location feature into the messaging app and like those werent enough now you can instantly switch from voice call to video call.

This new future enables the user to instantly switch from voice call to video call by simply clicking on the button on the mobile screen. But on the current versions of WhatsApp switching from a voice call to video call can only be done, after disconnection current voice call and then calling for video call.

But this feature will change that forever. WhatsApp has introduced a new delicate button on the screen which will enable this feature. For instance you are on a voice call with your buddy and you are wishing to jump into a video call without disconnecting this voice call then you will have to simply click on the button on the screen, this sends a request to him/her, if the request is accepted, the call is switched or else declined and voice call will continue as normal. This is how the new feature will enable instant switching between the voice call and video calls on the coming version of WhatsApp.

This feature is expected to launch for Android users first and then for iOS users. Currently, this feature is only available to WhatsApp one-to-one chat and we can expect it to be available for group chats in future.

There are furthermore reports saying that the platform is also working on test features that will users to mute a video call. So in the coming days, we can expect much more surprising features from the Facebook-owned platform.

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