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WhatsApp May Soon Allow You To Quickly Switch From Voice To Video Calls

WhatsApp has introduced several updates in recent past days and now the fan site WaBetaInfo has hinted on another new feature that the chat app may be working on ability to fast switch between voice and video calls.

WaBetaInfo reports that the chat app may soon allow users to quickly switch from voice to video call. According to the site, it is possible when both the users have an updated version of WhatsApp.

Furthermore, the WhatsApp version 2.17.264 will also allow anyone invited in a group via invite link to see the full description of the group. The chat app is expected to add a new section for group chat called “Enter Description” where user can write about the group.

WhatsApp is reportedly also working on adding YouTube support to the app. Currently, users have to move to YouTube app to watch any videos that they receive on the chat app. With the new feature when live, users can watch any YouTube video link directly in the chat app instead of switching to the YouTube.

The chat app recently added all file type sharing for both Android and iOS users. Previously, user could share only limited type of files but now the chat app will allow users to share all file types including txt, apk and more. iOS users have also received the ability to pin their favourite chats. The feature was already available for Android and is now available for all.

Though the chat app already has and is working on several new updates but the recall or revoke button is one of the most hotly anticipated features so far. The feature will allow users to recall or revoke any sent message on WhatsApp within a stipulated time frame.

There are talks that the time span could be either 3 minutes or 5 minutes. According to WaBetaInfo, the revoked message will be deleted from both the ends. It is also expected that the revoked message will also be deleted from the back up data.

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