WhatsApp Rejects India Demand for Message Traceability

WhatsApp Rejects Indias Demand for Message Traceability

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned platform has been facing immense pressure from Indian Government due to the outbreak of violence in the country caused by a hoax that spread through the app.

Recently the Indian government made a demand to WhatsApp on providing a technology solution to track the origin of the fake message that is being created or passed over with an intention to stop it and prevail peace in the country. But on this Thursday WhatsApp rejected this saying it will subvert end-to-end encryption and affect the privacy policies of its users.

WhatsApp spokesperson told PIT that Building traceability would undermine end-to-end encryption and the private nature of WhatsApp, creating the potential for serious misuse. WhatsApp will not weaken the privacy protections we provide”. The platform is used on a global level for all sorts of conversations and even including sensitive informations. The company now focuses on educating people about misleading pieces of information.

This demand was placed to WhatsApp earlier this week when Chris Daniel, CEO of WhatsApp had a meeting with Indias Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. After the meeting, the Minister said that WhatsApp could possibly face abetment chargers if it fails to track the origin of the fake message and stop it from circulations.

The Indian government has also sent two notices to WhatsApp for details on actions taken to stop spreading of hoax messages. And also has expressed its dissatisfaction with the notice. WhatsApp has responded to the government saying that they are working on a new feature that helps users to identify forward messages.

Despite implementing a limitation on forwarding messages, there are still users out there who create these fake messages as a joke and in return, its taken innocent lives.

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