WhatsApp Web Now Available For iPhone Users, Here’s How You Can Enable It

A couple of months ago Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp rolled out an interesting new feature. It created a web interface for its Android users allowing them to chat directly from the web browser on their computer instead of their phone.

This feature, in fact, has been also available for WhatsApp’s BlackBerry and Windows users. On Thursday, the company rolled out support for the same for iPhone users, which honestly represents quite a large chunk of WhatsApp’s users base.

WhatsApp for the web has been available since January, due to the restrictions Apple imposes on developers for iOS and iOS apps, it wasn’t available at launch.

Now, Apple users just need to go to web.whatsapp.com and scan the QR code to chat with their contacts on the desktop.

What does this mean? Well, through and through one of the biggest messaging platforms on the planet is now fully functional on the desktop. It is sure to eat some chunk of the user base that Facebook messenger commands on the desktop. In addition, it will also be a threat to Google Hangouts, which took over from Google Talk and also Microsoft’s Skype messaging platform.

Facebook has been doubling down on its mobile apps in the recent past. It has split core Facebook features like Messenger, news feed and groups into separate apps. WhatsApp, which also owned by it seems to be taking a different approach. As it was built for a mobile-first environment, it is going backwards and enhancing its capabilities on the desktop. This is not too dissimilar from what Instagram is doing as recently it also enhanced its web interface.


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