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WhatsApp’s Monthly Active User Base Crosses 900m Mark

Popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp has notched up over 900 million monthly active users, announced company CEO Jan Koum. The company has witnessed a steady growth rate and currently lies among the more popular messaging apps globally. It’s interesting to note that it took the company only 5 months to amass the last 100 million active users. It already had 800 million monthly active users in April.

Founded in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in February 2014. Facebook’s own chat client called Messenger has been doing quite well as well. It had 700 million monthly active users in June 2015.WhatsApp and Messenger together hold a significant share of active user base in market, with the number expected to spurt even further what with both WhatsApp and Facebook continuing to update their clients actively.

WhatsApp is being utilised to send over 30 billion messages a day, the company had announced in January. About 20 billion SMS texts are sent on an average every day. Clearly, people are using WhatsApp to send ‘more’ messages than regular SMS texts.

The latest WhatsApp update for Android introduced many bug fixes and improvements to the app. However, something that stood out in this update was the inclusion of the middle finger emoji. This when compiled with WhatsApp’s other emojis (including varied colour schemes) keeps the chat lively. No wonder, emojis are so popular among users.

Moving on, WhatsApp has also included features like custom notification tones, the ability to save chat to Drive and of course, its voice calling feature.

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