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Windows 10 Warning Chrome Users

Microsoft Edge a web browser developed by Microsoft has replaced the default web browser of Windows from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Even after launching a new web browser, Windows user prefers third party web browsers like Chrome and Safari.

And Microsoft thought, if they could think outside the box, the user may stay with their default web browser. The company has announced of releasing Windows 10 update for 2018 as of Windows 10 October 2018. Being at the final stage of its new update, the tester at TechDown brought to light that the new update shows a Warning Suggestion when trying to install a third-party web browser.

It says You already have Microsoft Edge – the safer, faster browser for Windows 10 along with two options Open Microsoft Edge and Install anyway. The warning box also gives a link to the user to change this setting of being warned every time.

Imaging your grandma, who is not so much of a tech wizard trying to simply download chrome for better performance and all of sudden her device says WARNING wont she panic and turn down the whole installation process.

The Windows 10 update of 2018 which is yet to be released will bring up a lot more exciting features to its users. But this warning suggestion could be annoying right? A developer Sean Hoffman writes on his twitter “@MicrosoftEdge What kind of slimy marketing cesspool crap is this Microsoft? I proceed to launch the Firefox installer and Windows 10 pops this up? If I wanted to use your browser, I would. This is what we spoke about earlier (the annoying).

But according to The Verge, Microsoft has not done any postings related to this on their official blogs where they posted about their various features for Windows 10. And this could be just for some testing and might get added up in the future Windows 10 update. This means we need not worry about Warning Suggestion.

But even in future, an update from Microsoft for Windows 10 comes up with this warning suggestion, it will be of no good and will only make its users quit the entire OS if it keeps coming up with annoying suggestions.

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