Windows 10 Will Soon Reach Xbox One

Microsoft has announced some major new projects and features that will be released on Xbox One in the upcoming months. According to the Verge, Microsoft revealed that they will be releasing a redesigned dashboard on the Xbox One’s in November which will bring Windows 10 to the console.

The software update will focus on speed, performance and simplicity. The Xbox One dashboard update will also bring Windows 10’s Cortana feature. Cortana will require the Kinect sensor for audio controls. Also, a new feature called TV DVR is coming to the console in 2016. The Xbox One users will be able to record TV without requiring any subscription and stream games to any Windows 10 PC. Microsoft is even allowing Windows 10 PCs to download shows.

In addition, the Microsoft has unveiled a limited edition Halo-themed Xbox One that comes with many games and a 1TB of storage. The new Xbox will feature metallic blue detailing on both the console and controller and will be available for $499. The new console launches on October 20th and is available for pre-order. Microsoft has also announced Xbox One chat pad. It is identical to its Xbox 360. Microsoft has not released any pricing or release date details, but pre-orders have started. The company also announced that the select Xbox 360 games will be compatible with Xbox One. All future Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles will be compatible with Xbox One.


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